Sparkle Party How to for Stylists

Sparkle Party How To

Ready to have one of your customers host a party?  Here is all the details to set up a sparkle party and have them start earning free jewelry!


Step 1. Potential Hostess, Sparkle Points Earner will want to go to your website and click on the pink crown image at the bottom left at home page)  and create a rewards account.

Step 2.  

Hostess will want to create an account then go to "refer your friends"

Once in "refer your friends" they will want to grab their link: 

Step 3. Your hostess will need to forward their link to you.  Once you have their hostess link you will log into your stylist portal

and go to "marketing tools" and submit their link to your to product page link

to generate a link that will track hostess orders back to you always.  Copy the "your generated link" to give to hostess to share with their friends!  You can also help your hostess set up a facebook group or event for their party, and this is the link you'll want to post with each product display or mention of her party! 



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