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I LOVE jewelry and always have. I love the way adding little bit of sparkle to your outfit makes you feel. Having several years of experience in direct sales of jewelry prior to Kole Jax which involved several days a week of being out of the house, I wanted to focus on selling jewelry online only so that I could be at home with our boys when they were little. I also wanted to offer jewelry that was one of a kind and filled with meaning to honor ones self and their loved ones.

I left my previous career and started Kole Jax in our home in 2012. (First leap of faith in this journey)


The company is named after our two boys Grayson Kole and Tucker Jax. Since then our business has grown beyond our wildest dreams. In 2017 my husband, Ty, left his job of 10 years to devote himself solely to growing Kole Jax. (Second leap of faith)


During that time we started to gain a lot of interest in Kole Jax offering a business opportunity to others. Technology is making social selling easier and easier so we decided it was time push all of our chips in and go for it (Third leap of faith). I believe all of our experiences during the past years of being in business has all been a learning time and lead us to this point to pass it on to other women. Things are coming full circle and it is such an amazing blessing to see unfold. Ty and I are eager to give all of our knowledge to help our stylists be successful. 

We truly aspire to empower women to embrace who they are with confidence and to seek their purpose. Our designs are just a vehicle for that. 

It’s your time to shine! 


xo~ Karen, Founder Kole Jax Designs. 

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